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Very cool-that would look great on a totebag as well. However, one question since I'm sewing stupid-what in the world is a "feed dog"? How would I know if my machine has one?

I'll quit asking stupid questions now!


How freakin' cool is that?

I have a spring break coming up...I see a craft project in my future...


That is cool. Now I'll have something to do with all those black t-shirts I've been hoarding.


Those Gilmore Girls sure do have some fabulous clothes. I'm so impressed that you just designed a shirt and brought it to life! Well done my dear!


That Caro girl is so crafty! Love it! :) I need to get this button stash--I think I could find a million uses for them.

Thanks for the craftspiration, C!



Fabulous!!! Now I'm wondering what design to make out of buttons for my own t-shirt - so many ideas...

General Ginger

Fantasticlly cool. Love it!


Aw jeez. How cute. I'm totally copying you.


Just popped over here from "recently updated"....you make beautiful things! And this button thing is a fabulous idea. I think I'm going to try it with different shapes for my little ones....flowers, birds, all sorts of fun things. Thanks for the inspiration, and great tutorial!


This is a totally cute idea!
Even if you did mistake what you saw, this I bet is much better.
I Just had a Q.

Why do you put the fabric Glue on?
Is it because the Pins have nothing to stay onto?
Sorry for the "dumb q" I am a great sewer.
But not so good with common sense! ;D


in small part from the gilmores reference!

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