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Ummm...yeah, I'm jealous! Those buttons are awesome! Can't wait to see what kind of crafty goodness you come up with!! I loved the jeans knitting basket!


Wow, I love buttons! You got some goodies in there too! Maybe I can play copycat and check out the ebay scene...


I love buttons! I like to buy the bag-o-buttons when I find them. But I have managed to keep my button fetish under control. But I see a whole new line of stitch markers coming from you - butto markers.


I remember digging thru my g-ma's button jars...I love buttons...I bet they are soo cool. little treasures


Wow, cool buttons! That was true luck, hope you'll find lots of great places to use them!

Have you seen the button bag? I want to make one!



cute buttons! I have fears about reaching into the garbage disposal too! I had to face the fear once when I was changing the water in my newt's tank. I tilted the tank a bit too far, and the newt rolled out and down the sink. I was sooooo horrified. But I couldn't just leave him in there. I reached down there, and felt around, and eventually pulled up my newt (slimy and perfectly okay).


Jackpot! I am always searching ebay for goodies like fun buttons or printed fabric. :D

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