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General Ginger

Wow. Very beautiful. Better to see how the whole thing comes together before ripping out now.


If your row gauge is 30 rows to 4" and the stated is 26, then you should've had fewer than 19" at the '19" mark'. If usually to get to that 19" mark requires 124 rows, then by the 124th row, you would have only 16.5".


The cables are looking gorgeous! I can't wait to see how it all turns out, I think I'm going to have to put it on my "one day" list.


Love your blog! I've been sneaking a peek as I work on my Mariah too. I just finished the second of the row 13-52 repeats and I'm already at 16 inches. From what I can tell with your experinece, my sleeves will be very long too. Hmmm. My gauge was right on the money, too.

But, you cable work is beautiful! This is my first go around with this type of cables, so mine's a little bumpier than I'd like. Hopefully it will smooth out in the blocking.



I'm also working on Mariah and I'm not sure if you read ahead in the pattern, but the sleeves join to the body of the cardigan at the yoke and it's all knitted in one piece after that, so be sure you haven't knit past the point you're supposed to join. The shoulder of the sleeves will be knit at this point. I stopped at 20 inches.

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