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mariah would be STUNNING in that color...

I am swatching for rogue tonight with jo sharp silkroad aran tweed...wish me luck...I will keep my eyes peeled for some magpie...any color wishes I should seek?


I'm about to embark on a Cascade 220 version of Rogue for my daughter. I think that in the tighter guage it will work out and be small enough for her without me having to do a ton of math, which I really want to avoid.
I did my Rogue in Bartlett Yarns Glen Tweed, which I totally hated when I first got it, but the more I knit with it the more I liked it, and I'm absolutely LOVING the way Rogue came out in it. It's tight but not stiff, and the cables have fantastic definition. And it was CHEAP. Cheaper, even, than the Cascade 220. Gotta love that!
Good luck with it - I'd love to see how it comes out when you've got it all done!


Haven't you heard about the dark, seamy underbelly that is gauge?

I'm working on Rogue myself and am pretty much just hoping for the best. My gauge was a little off, but I'm also sized half way between the smallest and next to smallest.

Pray for me.

Good luck finding a 7.5!

General Ginger

Perhaps you could make your own 7.5? I've seen websites that show you how to make your own knitting needles from dowels you can buy at the hardware store.


What size would a 7.5 be in millimeters? Perhaps you could buy a set from over here (England) that are the right mm size to be a 7.5?

HTH and good luck, both Rogue and Mariah are on my knitting list!


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