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Yikes, that's a long time for them to keep your machine! Those fabrics are gorgeous :)


Hey, I was just checking out your Mariah pictures--it's looking good! (even though I JUST FINISHED a red Rogue, I think I may start a red Mariah for myself now after seeing yours).

I did want to say something about the sleeves, though, before you attach them and start the yoke. I do not have freakishly long arms (for reference, the Mariah in the Knitty photos is the small size and it's snug on me) but I like my sleeves to be a little long so they come down past my wrist (check the photo to see where the cuff falls). You should measure the sleeve against your arm (wrist to underarm) and if it's way too long, rip! It won't hurt ot start the yoke when you're not as far along on the cable pattern, because the cable stops and then there's more ribbing to the neck, and you'll just end up with less ribbing. If you finish the whole sweater and then the sleeves are too long, that will suck.

Also, if it's easier to do your left front to mirror the right, go for it. I was trying to make the rib/cable pattern match up at the front edge but I may have made it too complicated.

Sorry about the extremely long comment; this is my first time designing so I really want to see that people will end up with a good sweater that they will love to wear!


Hi Carolyn! Sorry about the machine delay--that is a long time to keep it! It better come back working properly! I really want to learn more about sewing... I think I need to take a class or have someone show me. I love the idea of it, but I feel like I need some prep before just jumping in. I have this great machine that never gets any use :(

Hope it is back soon, and those fabrics are loverly :)


I'm working a Mariah as well. Patterns okay, but I think it reads way more complicated than it actually is. Rogue is the same way, so i've knit enough to know I can change pattern and still get same construction. Simplify it even. or just fudge it, if your happy, then what the hell.


Mmmmmmmm...red and pink and black...my FAVORITE colors! That is an awesome floral print. Nice choice. Have a great day!


Ilove the black and pink flowers. Very very chic!


Loved those fabrics! I have a machine, but have never used it - afraid, I guess. I tried hand-piecing a quilt once, but never finished (go figure, huh?) Seeing those fabrics made me wanna pull out my sewing machine's instruction manual...maybe, just maybe.

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