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I'd love a copy of the spreadsheet, your scarf looks great!

Mrs. R.

Oh, yes, please send me the spreadsheet. I MUST knit this scarf before Christmas :) Yours looks yummie, you made a good choice of yarn there, eh.
From a fellow Canadian,
Mrs. R.


I think it's okay, so long as you don't publish it and claim it as your own...I sent you an email, may I please have a copy? The Excel dweeb in me needs it.


I would love a spreadsheet too. I'm almost done with the first pattern repeat on my wavy scarf, and think that it would come in handy!


Hello Fellow RAOKer! I love your blog, love your stitch markers, love your scarf and would love a copy of your spreadsheet.

I've already put your site on my Christmas List so my family can get a clue and hopefully order some stitch markers for me *fingers crossed*.



Me too! I loved this scarf from the moment I saw it, and your choice of silk garden just makes it pop. Please send me a copy of the spreadsheet.


What a beautiful scarf. I love the colorway!!!


oh wow -- great idea using the silk garden for this scarf! i too am obsessed with this scarf. yours is looking really pretty so far.


i would love a copy of it, too. sometimes a chart is so much easier. yours looks great by the way. love silk garden. and i don't think it's wrong unless you claim that it is your own pattern or sell it. if you wanted you could email the designer and ask her what she thinks. i don't think she would mind.


I'm no expert, but it strikes me that your spreadsheet is perfectly legal because it's just a companion to another item, and you're acknowledging that the other item is not yours. It's sort of like Cliff's Notes for the pattern. As long as you credit the source and you don't republish that source, I think you're ok.


Oops, forgot to say that if you wouldn't mind shooting me a copy of the spreadsheet, I'd love to see it! I will definitely be knitting this pattern. Yours looks great!


Would love and greatly appreciate a copy of your cheat sheet.



Love the scarf, Carolyn! The colors are just amazing! :)


I love that scarf in the Noro. And I would appreciate a copy of the spreadsheet.
Thank you so much.


Your colours are absolutely gorgeous. I started my own wavy yesterday and it knits up so quickly. Could you e-mail me a copy of the excel spreadsheet to make the job that much easier. Thanks very much!!


I had looked at this scarf in KNITTY but as a new knitter knowing just the basics I found the pattern difficult to understand.Would what you are doing in Excel make it easier? If so I would greatly appreciate an email of it. I think yours is absolutely gorgeous and I love that colorway you are using!!

Thanks so much!


I'd love your cheat sheet. I just remembered some yarn in my stash that just might work. Thanks.


Your wavy scarf is beautiful!!! I absolutely love it! Would you please send me your cheatsheet/spreadsheet/pattern? Also, do you know of any online retailers that have silk garden?

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