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I have knit in line, yes. It is a great way to wile away the LONG line! I have the nicest mail people of all here at my work, Goddard has it's own "mail station" and she tapes for you as long as you are a frequent mailer. She also crochets. So she loves to fondle my yarn before I ask her for a box. :) Now the regular post office? yeah. I hear you! speaking of that...I do have a date this saturday to find parking and stand in line!

Love the zip +4! will bookmark it and use it! Thanks!!!!


I got yelled at at the Post Office once. I walked up to the counter after the previous customer left, and I wasn't summoned. Apparently, the clerk was going off to do something else, and didn't indicate that with the "next window please" sign, so I thought she was coming back, and waited patiently. I got called a child for not following the directions on the sign. Now there's an addendum stuck on the sign that says something more specific about waiting NEXT to the sign until you are CALLED, but the other clerks look at you like you've got a problem if you don't just walk up to them. Other than that one time, I LOVE the post office. Very helpful, very efficient. I love buying postage online and requesting a package pickup. Did you know all of those Priority Mail boxes are free? You can have as many as you want, and they'll even deliver them to you on a regular basis if you want. For free! I love the USPS. Just not that one clerk.

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