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I ran out of time to do mine before I had to swap presents with my family so we're using paper this year unfortunately, we will recycle it like we do all our paper though. However, I have a big stack of Christmas fabric that I will be working into different sized bags during the year, all ready for next year. My aim is to get my little boy to think that presents wrapped in paper are odd and we're the normal ones! :o)

Well done on your bags, they look great!



Hello fellow Texan! I just found your blog, and I thought I'd say hi. Great idea for the gift bags.


you are so right about the amount of waste. I love your ide about the fabric bags. Guess, I better shop for Christmas fabric for next year.


Terrific on the bags! You are SO creative. And I'm with you on the waste. We do something similar, and even use brown paper bags or butcher's paper a lot, with twine ties, or pretty ribbons and natural things like pinecones. I love the look. I've even sponged designs on them before. I've made a lot of plain muslin bags and used interesting ties and other decorations for the various times of the year. I'm glad to see someone else who shares that interest.


My mum taught my sister and myself how to use the sewing machine by making a whole pile of Christmas bags. This was when we were both under 10, so at least 14 years ago...

Thanks for reminding me of one such a great memory (and that I have to hit FabricLand to get some more... people kept on stealing our bags!!!)

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