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My husband loves that movie! I think that he can probably recite the whole thing if I really wanted him to.

I love Cascade 220 - I bet it going to be great for Rogue.


Hope you have a fabulous New Year!!! I have 1 skein of the Cascade 220 in that color & it is gorgeous. I can't wait to see how she looks when you start!


I love that movie. Very cool stapler!


Damn it, why did you have to tell me about the stapler?!! Now, I have to go and buy one too. Can't wait to see Rogue!


Hi Carolyn, Last night at our S&B I met a woman in person whom I had "met" through comments on my blog. She told me you have a spreadsheeet for Wavy. Can you please send me one?

It's COLD here in Vancouver!

Thanks, Li

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