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ooh ooh me to for rogue. I am knitting her in jo sharp silkroad aran tweed in Heather (heh. I am a corny cheeseball aren't I?)

Me too for the cardi! woohoo...we definately have to set a date for our casting on... january?


Wow, maybe I should do it too... three of bloggy friends are doing it( you, Heather, and Ei!)... I like the cardi option too, and if I make it, I would do that one too...

Love the new layout in here, C! So hip! :)


very cool new look!!! I vote for red. I'm doing the cardi, too, for ME this time, in mustard gold. I've already cast on, but a lot of things have come up and I don't see it getting picked up again 'til New Year's. we're all going to have Rogue cardis for the New Year! very cool.


Wait, do you "blame" me or "credit" me? Heehee!


i'm knitting mine with rowan magpie. i noticed there was some on sale at Hill Country Weavers.


I'm glad your going to knit Rogue. I can't wait to start her. I'm using Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed. Fabulous yarn!!! And doing the cardi version as well! You probably already know that!

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