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# Rachael Ray. Can we get her off the airways already? I just want to hit her. Hands down the most annoying woman on TV.

Yes PLEASE! Rachel Ray is annoying to the max! The woman who makes itallian food with the really big head is also annoying...they should go away.


Love your new look! Very retro with a touch of modern sensibility.

Rachael Ray -- beyond irritating.


Agree with you on Rachael Ray! I am sooooo sick of her saying "EVOO" and then giggling. Perky. And with spunk. I hate spunk.


I cannot agree with you more. She is annoying and EVERYWHERE, all the cooking channels, interviews, Regis... enough already and her way of speaking just bothers me somehow.

Thanks, I feel so much better now.


Why do they keep giving Rachael Ray more shows?? Everytime I turn on the Food Network the Queen of Annoying is on! I always think to myself that if she can host a show then certainly could to.


The only good things about Rachel Ray:
1. Late night eats: She actually has shows about coming home drunk from the bar and making a big whack of food. "I like to make giant, greasy sandwiches. (hic!) And you always need something to soak up the booze! (hic!)"
2. She reminds me of Ria...giggles at her own jokes, funny or not.


I am guaranteed to flip the channel if I see her...bleh!


Great idea for a trade!

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