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That is a way cool belt!


Congrats on all the weight off! And thanks for sharing the belt (definitely cool) and the funny story.


Hey, you can always say that you don't want to give out our zip, or that you don't live around there (I do that sometimes just because).



"zip code in Canadian"

I guess it must be a new language! Hey! Do you speak Canadian? Oh, hehehe.

Love the belt!
Congrats on the weightloss!!


Kohl's always runs an add on local tv but we don't have any Kohl's within driving distance.

But I think your belt is amazing and I am glad you found it.

I know what zed means.


Love the belt and your obsession with finding it so reminds me of myself. I get something in my head and NOTHING stops me from finding the damn thing. Many congratulations for the weight loss, knit a tonne of sexy stuff for yourself, you deserve it. And about the postal code/zed thing? You should have told her the proper way to spell favourite, colour, doughnut...


Congratulations on the weight loss! Please do better than I have--in keeping it off. Sigh.

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