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Excellent tutorial! What a wonderful idea.


You are a crafty goddess. I do not sew (ever) so I bow to your craftiness.


This is great! Thanks for sharing it with us.


Holy cow! That is a completely fantastic idear. Thanks!


Holy smokes! This is such a cool idea! Now I just have to decide what book I want to use.


What a great and easy tutorial! Thanks for sharing your great idea. :)


Wow that's a really neat idea! I've got some fabric lying around for a totebag I was supposed to make, but my sewing machine took a dive so now I can use the fabric for this without having to sew anything!! ThangQ for the inspiration, i've plenty of books I will prolly never read again.. I will definitely post pics when it's done!

ThangQ again,


I just may have to make one of these! I've been trying to find time to make a needle roll for a long time now. This is a great idea for circs though, instead of trying to make a roll for them too.


Thank you for this awesome project! My circs are currently... well, kind of everywhere. :)


Been looking for something like this for ages-Someone told me to use CD cases but that didn't work. thanks for your great idea!


Neato idea! I have quite a fair bit of circulars so let's see what I can do :)


This is cool :) I just can't bear to cut into any of my old books hehe, hopefully I can bring myself to slice up a thrift shop book this week :)


Wonderful! Thank you so much for having this here, I must make one of these for all of my needles.

Jen da Purse Ho

this is AWESOME! i can't wait to try this!


Wow! What a neat idea! I'm going to start looking for a book right now!


This is the only cool circular needle case I can find! You rock!


You are so cool. This is such a good idea! It's a good idea for storing other stuff too. Instead of elastic you could put foam or styrofoam in with little recessed areas to store stuff. Like for an ipod, cut out the shape of the ipod and a channel for the cord etc. It would make an awesome jewelry holder too with pins in foam to hold everything down. Most anything small could be stored in the right hollowed out book. Thank you thank you and I have enjoyed all your other tutorials too.


It is really really nice to see you post a tutorial for an item that you also sell. I have been looking everywhere to find out how to cover a journal and stumbled accross this quite by accident. I was searching for echino fabrics!!! thanks so much for sharing.


Cool tutorial. Thanks! Close-ups of pics seem to be nonexistent, though. No biggie, just thought I'd mention. My brother makes his own books, but he's into sewing pages and all that. I wanted something simpler, and this will do the trick!

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