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Congrats on the work permit. And what you said about Starbucks in Vancouver is so true--I remember an intersection that had one on each corner!


(snicker) Welcome to Texas! What's the first thing that I really see when I cross the border from Oklahoma into Texas? A porn shop! Kid you not... K.T.'s. Why do I remember the name? Because that sucker is *huge*...


Ahh Starbucks.... Gotta love the 2 kitty corner on Robson. Maybe all the warm coffee is to get you through the rain...


LOL...the Vancouver Sun had a map in it a couple of weeks ago showing the frequency of Starbucks vs sushi bars in the downtown core, which we all found hilarious. I'm in the valley, and we finally got a drive thru Starbucks not far from where I live, which is great when you need a *fix* but aren't dressed to run inside. Congrats on the work permit btw - I've heard they are hard to come by.


Vancouver must be the Starbucks capital. Isn't it on Robsons street that has 2 or Starbucks on one intersection? I remember seeing that on a shopping trip and thinking how strange that was....


San Antonio is a strange place. I can't wait to graduate and get out of this city.

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