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You are living my worst nightmare... The thought of having to keep all three boys in the house at once. It would be a very miserable place for all of us.

I hope he heals fast and can live up to the El Gato del Diablo soon. I had a cat long ago whom I am convinced was on a mission for satan. :-p Oh wait, we're talking about cats. Nevermind. :-D


OMG... I almost spewed coffee on my keyboard. Very very bad. My mom has a Russian Blue who does stuff like that... billy bad cat, then gets beat up on and has to go to the vet. Every time he acts like it's the *world's* fault and not his own. Crazy boy!


So.....what's taking you SO LONG to make my stitch markers, then???? Heeeeheeeee, you made me giggle, girl!

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