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100 (ish) things about me

1. I am Canadian
2. I’m married to an American
3. I speak English and French (and pig latin, but who doesn't)
4. I call it the letter ‘zed’ and not ‘zee’
5. When I was born my mother wanted to call me Paula
6. And my father wanted to call me Barbara
7. But they somehow settled on my name being Carolyn
8. And I’m very happy about that
9. I've known 3 of my 4 closest friends since I was about 4 years old
10. I have 2 older brothers
11. I didn't have any pets growing up
12. But I got a kitty in my mid 20s
13. And brought her to Texas with me.
14. My mum taught me to knit, sew and embroider all before I was 7.
15. I haven't embroidered anything since I was 10
16. I learned to quilt when I was 25.
17. I used to be a semi-professional dancer.
18. No, not *that* kind
19. But I later worked in a bar as a go-go dancer.
20. I once danced on stage at Radio City Music Hall
21. There wasn’t anyone in the audience, but that’s not the important part.
22. I also used to be an assistant dance teacher
23. And taught dozens of kids ballet, jazz and tap
24. Then I worked in a world famous ski resort for 12 years
25. I got to snowboard and ride snowmobiles as part of my job
26. I love the feeling of standing at the top of a ski run, when no ones around, on a cold, crisp morning with the sun just peaking over the ridge knowing that there’s nothing but steeps and fresh powder below you.
27. I grew up skiing
28. And switched to snowboarding in 1989
29. But now I live in Texas
30. And there's not much snowboarding here
31. I've been a patron at at least four locals (pubs) where ALL the staff knew my name.
32. I’m somewhat proud and ashamed of that
33. I'd like to visit as many countries as I am years old
34. That would only make me 21
35. So I have 11 more to go
36. I've done cartwheels barefoot through Red Square in Moscow
37. I've sailed through the Suez Canal
38. I've climbed into the very center of the Great Pyramid of Giza
39. I travelled through 27 of the 50 states
40. But only 2 of my own country's provinces
41. I heart eBay
42. and IKEA
43. I looooove popcorn
44. I put pepper on everything (including ice cream)
45. (I wasn't kidding when I said I put pepper on EVERYthing)
46. I love mid-century modern furniture and architecture
47. I plan to own a Vespa in the next 3 years
48. I've had more than 42 different roommates over the years (aah, the resort life)
49. I love my Playstation
50. I've logged many many many hours in the last 5 years playing the different versions of Spyro the Dragon
51. I have one tattoo
52. with plans for at least 3 more
53. I can identify most accents
54. And imitate only Southerners and French Canadians
55. I'm klutzy
56. I bruise easily
57. Those aren’t a good combo
58. When I get antsy, I clean.
59. Sometimes the house is immaculate
60. Sometimes it looks like a hurricane hit
61. I love to play Trivial Pursuit
62. I always shout out answers when Jeopardy! is on
63. I loooove a cute skirt!
64. But I’m not fond of dresses
65. I own more skirts than jeans.
66. And considering I only own one pair of jeans, that’s not hard. (I actually own 2, but one pair is strictly House Pants)
67. I once worked as a coat check girl
68. And consequently ALWAYS tip them well
69. I’m fanatical about maximizing space in the dishwasher
70. It comes from being a fanatical packer. (I’m really good at it!)
71. I would eat sushi every single day if I could
72. And in Vancouver, I did.
73. I love that in Texas you almost always get a basket of fresh tortilla chips on the table in restaurants
74. I love to build things
75. So it was fitting that I inherited my father’s tools (my bro’s didn’t want ‘em)
76. I even have two routers!
77. As best as we can figure, I’m 12th generation Canadian
78. The first of our family landed in North America in 1651
79. Pea soup makes me gag
80. As do brussel sprouts
81. My mother insists that I loved bananas when I was a baby, but I detest them now
82. She continues to offer me bananas when I see her.
83. I will never concede to bananas
84. I’m allergic to walnuts
85. And until recently, I thought I was allergic to pecans as well
86. The husband teases me for saying pee-can instead of p-caaaaaahn
87. I collect snowglobes. I think I have about 40. The cheesier, the better
88. I used to collect little boxes, but somewhere along the line I grew bored of them.
89. Birds really creep me out. All birds.
90. I think they’re evil – the witch-like feet, the hollow unseeing eyes, the caw caw cawing. *shudder*
91. Speaking of feet, I prefer to be barefoot
92. Which is why I don’t knit socks for myself
93. I’m always too hot. That’s another reason I don’t wear socks
94. I love to watch hockey
95. I’m a huge Vancouver Canucks fan
96. I’m learning to like baseball
97. And I’m becoming a Boston Red Sox fan (the husband is originally from Boston)
98. I have a tendency to anthropomorphize whatever I’m talking about.
99. I call instruction manuals ‘the Book of Words’. Ex: “how do you set the time on this $^&*#% VCR anyway?” “I dunno – get the Book of Words”
100. Judd Nelson once bought me a blueberry bagel.